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Department of Homeland Security Violating Fourth Amendment?

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Throughout my day I’m constantly checking the stream of blogs I follow. A recent article from PDN “Does Homeland Security Target Journalists for Search and Seizure?” redirected me to original article  “U.S. Filmmaker Repeatedly Held at Border” by Glenn Greenwald. It goes on to explain the complications Laura Poitras runs into when coming home after working on her documentaries in Yeman and Iraq. She is met and interrogated by the Department of Homeland Security about her travels and people encountered. Poitras’ laptop, notebooks, camera and cellphone are seized often copied, even after explaining she’s a journalist to maintain her sources identity. She’s been taking notes on her detainment: dates, agent names, topics discussed. Until recently an agent wouldn’t allow it. Explaining her pen could be used as a weapon. (Poitras doesn’t have a history of violence.) In one instance an agent said he, “finds it very suspicious that [she] was not willing to help her country by answering their questions.”

The article also points out activist dealing with detainment and interrogations when re-entering the country from a family trip. The generation/tech gap between federal judges ruling to consider search and seizure of a laptop and suitcase to be the same. Not to mention the fear of losing his or her job if judges don’t support the executive branch in the name of National security. The saddest part of the article, two pieces of legislation have been introduced to curb this treatment of Americans re-entering the country. The bills are dead in both house and senate.  To get all the details read the original article here. Form your own opinion.


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